DAV RGTPP Public School
Thermal Colony, Khedar, Hisar, Haryana - 125121
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Chairman Desk  
Dear viewers,
I congratulate student, staff and Principal of DAV  RGTPP Public School Thermal Colony, Khedar, Hisar  It’s a privilege to be associated with DAV and its Philosophy of providing quality education to the length and breadth of our great nation. DAV RGTPP Public School Thermal Colony, Khedar, Hisar  is a co –educational, Primary School which epitomises the values of Vedic culture, traditions, latest pedagogy, ecofriendly, serene and student- friendly environment.
Modern education is continuously evolving. It’s like a rainbow which sheds different coloures at separate times. As the source of all colours is sun, same way source of education is the school but outcome varies. Concepts of 20 years back are obsolete today and whatever is going on today may have no meaning 20years later. It is said that human race has excelled due to its intelligence and ability to learn and develop new ideas for survival. 21st century is also the century of conflicts and major global challenges. Today’s education should be able to solve these problems and take right decisions at the right time.
Information technology plays significant role in modern education. Electronic media, in a true sense, has changed the world in to a global village, where assimilation and dissemination of information is possible by the click of a button. It is fast and dangerous too. We need to be extremely careful about this very sensitive medium.
In the race of quality, there is no finishing  line, perfection is known to be a shifting goal - post ------just when you think you  have reached, you realize that there is so much more to achieve.
“Spread your wings, learn to tackle the ordeals, achieve the goals and fly higher to touch the sky”
God bless us!